100 Best Health Blogs for Soon-to-be Moms

Whether having your first child or you already have a few, the internet can give you resources that were never available before. Below are the 100 best blogs for expectant mothers and fathers for help with everything from birthing to adoption to breastfeeding and more.

Best Health Blogs by Professionals for Expectant Parents

Get expert advice on these blogs from those who advise for a living.

1. Motherlode Blog: Lisa Belkin is a contributing writer for “The New York Times Magazine” and worked for nearly 10 years as the Life’s Work columnist for “The New York Times.” Read her blog on everything from tips for expectant mothers to raising happy children.

2. Momma Data: Polly is a psychologist, mother of three, and child-research junkie eager to check up on the accuracy of parenting information. Visit her for what parents don’t always learn from journalists, parenting experts, pediatricians, or the know-it-all mom down the street.

3. Mommy Track’d: This community of mothers take you through all aspects of parenthood. Get a survival guide, use the virtual toolbox, and much more on this site.

4. Pregnancy Information: Get tons of resources on iVillage in addition to their useful blog. You can get tips on conception, pregnancy, what to expect during the first year, and a recent article taught how to tell your boss about a pregnancy.

5. Pregnancy Blog: The experts at “Pregnancy Weekly” bring you this blog for your most important 40 weeks. Recent posts dealt with folic acid and at home gender tests.

6. Pregnancy & Birth: Parent Dish is a popular online community and offers tips on a variety of motherhood issues. The pregnancy section can help with many issues such as names, health, the latest issues, and more.

7. Pregnancy Blog: Kim and Pattie blog for Families.com on all aspects of pregnancy. In addition to topics such as probiotics and postpartum depression, you can also get links to other resources offered by the site.

8. Getting Pregnant: Blog: The experts at “Getting Pregnant” bring you a blog full of advice for expectant mothers. Visit here for the latest news, product reviews, and more.

9. Pregnancy at More4Kids: More4Kids is dedicated to bringing quality pregnancy, parenting, and educational resources to their visitors. Recent posts included the early signs of pregnancy, along with danger signs.

10. The Pregnancy Zone: Stop here for many posts by experts on various pregnancy topics. Recent entries include miscarriage, preeclampsia, and the most important exercises for pregnant women.

11. MomWithAStethoscope: A middle aged mother and M.D. inhabits a midatlantic state with a middle of the road frame of mind. She writes about being a mom, wife, physician, and more.

Best Community Blogs for Expectant Mothers

When one blogger isn’t enough, visit here to get the best in varying opinions or even to dish out your own two cents.

12. Café Mom: Join the over 1 million mothers who have entered this online community. They have many groups for expectant mothers, or you can even get a baby name finder and ticker.

13. Real Mom Blogs: Fit Pregnancy has tons of resources for expectant mothers, including many expert blogs. You can choose blogs on pregnancy, diet, real life stories, or even from a professional labor nurse.

14. Pregnancy: Part of BlogHer, you can get tons of stories on the latest in pregnancy. Read the blogs of top editors, regular women, or start your own.

15. Mom Central: Revolution Health has many communities with a health related theme, including those for mothers. Groups include new moms, moms with toddlers, stay at home moms, and more.

16. Childbirth Connection: Both parents and healthcare professionals will enjoy this site due to its content specified just for them. Expectant mothers can get information on all different sorts of birth methods, recommendations on books and resources, or they can even read the information for the health professionals.

17. Type A Mom: This site is designed for all sorts of mothers, even beyond Type A. Get tons of useful articles, tips, and even eBooks.

18. Babies Online: Get a load of resources on pregnancy, babies, and more on this blog. You can even get links to free baby stuff, along with help and resources.

Best Blogs for Expectant Mothers by Other Mothers

Everyday mothers share their wisdom, experience, and tips on these blogs.

19. Octopus Mom: Not the other one, this mom has only three children and juggles many tasks, making her an octopus mom. This short blog already has nearly 40,000 hits and covers many topics such as prenatal ultrasounds, how to prevent childhood obesity, and more.

20. Bellyitch: JJ is a “mompreneur” and a mother of three. Her top posts include best diaper bags, prenatal and postnatal exercise, and snarky responses to annoying questions.

21. Pregnancy Glee: Dana Prince offers information for pre-conception, pregnancy, and beyond. Recent posts were on anemia, transitioning to stay at home mom, and how to quit smoking when pregnant.

22. Natural Pregnancy Project: Katie believes in empowerment for natural pregnancy and childbirth. You can get information on a ton of topics including breastfeeding, different trimesters, diet, videos, and more.

23. Preg’s List: Get information for moms and dads on pregnancy, product reviews, and advice. Get answers to interesting questions such as cesarean birth, orgasms, and organic choices.

24. Adventures in Babymaking: Even though they haven’t updated in a while, parents looking to create a baby will enjoy reading the story of how these parents got their twins through IVF.

25. Stirrup Queens: This is a blog about infertility and pregnancy loss, an exploration of adoption, a bitch session about daily life, and much more. Visit for humor, news, stories, and her forthright opinion.

26. BlueSuitMom: In addition to her blog on working and motherhood, you can also get advice on career, money, health, and more. You can even listen to her on Mom Talk Radio.

27. Silicon Valley Moms: A variety of moms contribute to this blog on all things motherhood. You can also get links to many other blogs including moms by area or moms 50 and older.

Best Blogs for Soon-to-be Dads

Move over moms, dads have a part in this too. Check out the below for the best in fatherly advice.

28. Daddy Types: Greg specifically designed his blog to give tips, advice, and answers to new dads. Posts often include products and news of interest for fathers.

29. Dad: About the Boy: This father from the United Kingdom tells many stories about being a dad on this blog. You can even get tips for the expectant father, along with product reviews.

30. I’m Not a Slacker: This father does not believe in outsourcing parenting and is very proud. Get interesting and often humorous stories on this blog.

31. Rebel Dad: Are you one of the many growing stay at home dads? Then learn how to do it right with the help of this blog.

32. Great Dad Blog: Get many useful tips and product reviews with the father in mind. You can also get advice on how to help with pregnancy.

33. GeekDad: This father is busy raising the next generation of geeks. Find out which products interest him, along with fun projects to do with the kids.

34. Digital Dad: New dads interested in technology for themselves and their children will enjoy this blog. Read about the latest technologies, along with parenting advice.

35. Modern Day Dad: Get loads of advice on parenting from this self described “new school dad.” He even includes things that interest him such as how to play lullaby versions of rock songs and purchase alphabet shaped tater tots.

36. Best Dad Blog: Ken recently found out that he and his wife are expecting. Read more about his adventures in this newly started blog.

Best Blogs From Medical Professionals for Expectant Mothers

These blogs are ideal for getting the free and expert opinion of a nurse, obstetrician, midwife, and even medical librarian.

37. Pregnancy Week by Week: Mary is a certified nurse and midwife at the Mayo Clinic. In addition to the informative blog, expectant mothers can also get tons of information on pregnancy and health.

38. Ob/Gyn Kenobi: Get an inside look at pregnancy from this OB/GYN. A recent entry dealt with getting paged for various emergencies.

39. The Working Woman’s Pregnancy Book: Marjorie is a board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist and fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Visit her blog for expert advice, reviews, and more.

40. At Your Cervix: This blog contains the musings, ranting, ravings, and other crazy thoughts from a labor and delivery nurse. In addition to her work, you can also get posts on her daily life.

41. The Adventures of a Traveling OB Nurse: This nurse is from Redding, California and has just recently given up her post to become a traveling nurse. A heart breaking entry dealt with a meth addicted mother’s birth.

42. Mostly True Stories: Visit her for tales from nursing school, travel, labor, and delivery. Get many true life birthing stories told in a humorous and frank manner.

43. Women’s Health News: Rachel is a medical librarian from Nashville and often blogs on pregnancy issues in addition to women’s health. You can also get posts on news, politics, and other related information.

Best Pediatrician Blogs

Learn what to expect from your child with the help of these top medical blogs.

44. Healthy Children: Even though Dr. P. recently passed away, WebMD keeps his blog up to help parents and children. You can still get relevant and expert information on this expert blog.

45. Dr. Gwenn Is In: This pediatrician uses her blog to build a bridge to help parents and pediatricians communicate better. Get many useful posts or listen to one of her podcasts.

46. Dr. Shu Says: This blog shares what Dr. Jennifer Shu has to say about everything related to sensible parenting and healthy living. She often appears on television and includes clips of her many interviews.

47. Dr. Stacy: Although this blog has been discontinued, it is still an excellent source of expert information. Get many useful posts on parenting, along with pregnancy.

48. Dr. Ben’s Blog: Visit her for musings on pediatrics, infectious diseases, and quality improvement in health care. A recent post dealt with Vitamin D deficiency and its potential link to diabetes.

49. Dr. Nabong’s Pediatric Blog: This doctor, wife, and mother of four boys lives in Arizona and shares her expert advice. Recent entries dealt with the birth of a newborn.

50. Pediatrician Health Associates: PHA is a private practice dedicated to providing quality healthcare and promoting wellness to children. Posts focus mostly on healthy habits and there are useful links to websites for parents.

Best Health Blogs for Birthing

Once the nine months is up, mothers can be in for the experience of a lifetime. Learn what to expect by reading these blogs, along with your various options.

51. Giving Birth With Confidence: Judith and Charlotte are the co-authors of “The Official Lamaze Guide: Giving Birth with Confidence,” which is the only book endorsed by Lamaze International. They often take a birthing headline, give their opinion, and often allow comments or guest bloggers.

52. Birth Network: Mothers looking to examine all of their birthing options should visit here. You can get the latest news, studies, and other resources for alternative birthing methods.

53. Spinning Babies: Learn the Optimal Fetal Positioning technique to learn how to naturally ease your baby into the world. You can also get real stories, research, and useful links.

54. The LaborPayne Epistles: This blog is written by a nurse and mother who calls herself a “birth apostle.” Get her alternative point of view, along with musings.

55. Pregnancy, Birth, and Babies: On this blog you can find information about different topics for expectant and new parents, as well as local resources for Orange County, California. In addition to the blog, you can get birthing videos, pictures, and links to other sites.

56. HypnoBirthing Blog: Learn more about this drugless alterative to traditional labor by visiting here. Katherine shares her experiences with this practice, along with videos of actual births.

57. The Trial of Labor: Kimberly James has had a number of miscarriages and shares her story hear. She also finds posts related to different birth methods and gives her thoughts.

Best Blogs for Adoptive Mothers and Fathers

Those looking to become parents with outside help will appreciate the heartwarming stories and advice on these blogs.

58. Adoption Blogs: Visit here first for families who would like to adopt. Learn why and how, or you can also get help if you are looking to place your child for adoption.

59. Production, Not Reproduction: Heather is a mother of two and blogs about open, domestic adoptions. She even includes classic posts on common adoption problems and issues.

60. Life From Here: Luna is embarking on her last chance for a baby. She shares her journey through infertility and loss with a startling openness and regularly updates readers on her progress.

61. A Million Miles to Mia: Krista wants to adopt a baby girl from China and shares her experience here. She also gives her candid history including single motherhood, China, disappointments, and more.

62. Moments with Maisie: On December 11, 2006 Eammon and Lisa adopted Maisie Miao from China. This blog is the story of the journey and updates on Maisie.

63. Adoption 3:16: Ramona strives to minister God’s truth to parents of internationally adopted older children. Get a number of inside views, including disruption adoption, from this blog.

64. Master Online USA: Kris hopes to adopt Anna Grace from China in the near future. Get more on her daily life and this quest through her blog.

65. Journey to our Little Ladybug: Matt and Angela share the stories of adopting a girl oversees. It has been three years and they still hold out hope.

66. Carol’s Adoption from China: This little girl was successfully adopted and now lives in the United States. Read how she did it, along with their daily life.

67. Life With Briana: Briana was adopted in July, 2007 and is featured in many adorable pictures and stories. Her parents have also collected many slideshows and videos featuring their two year old.

Best Breastfeeding Blogs

On the first day of their child’s life, mothers will be asked to do this. Learn how, why, and much more with the help of these blogs.

68. The Motherwear Breastfeeding Blog: Get tons of useful information on breastfeeding including laws, news, and even videos. You can also listen to a podcast or view clothes specifically for the breastfeeding mother.

69. The Lactivist: Jennifer believes in “nursing out loud” and even has clever related merchandise for sell. Get the latest in breast feeding developments, as well as other related stories.

70. Breastfeeding Mums: Pamela is from the United Kingdom and believes that breastfeeding is a gift to the mother, baby, and the earth. She regularly includes the latest news, recommendations, and even invites others to share their stories.

71. The Beautiful Letdown: This breastfeeding blog dabbles in extended nursing, gentle parenting, and daily life. A mother of two, she still breastfeeds both of her children and tells you why.

72. Mama Knows Breast: Andi is an author, mother, and breastfeeding expert. Get tips on breastfeeding, parenting, and even a video interview.

73. Breastfeeding 123: Get the basics on breast feeding on this blog. Offered by Blisstree, there are also many other useful resources on diseases, food, and parenting.

74. The Milk Memos: Cate and Andrea blog about breast feeding issues and beyond. They were even interviewed by “Forbes” magazine on how to go back to work after having a child.

75. Mocha Milk: Even though there hasn’t been a new post in a while, you will find many things related to breastfeeding and the African-American woman. Get information on breast feeding, child mortality, and more.

Best Podcasts and Videos for Soon-to-be-Moms

Hear or watch the below to get up to date information and advice for would-be parents.

76. Outlaw Births: This professional documentary is available for free online and follows three women throughout the course of their pregnancies. It focuses on unassisted childbirth and includes dramatic footage of the deliveries themselves.

77. Pediascribe: Dr. Mike offers this pediatric podcast for parents. Episodes include tips on various diseases and conditions, along with how to prevent or deal with them.

78. Video of Birth: This site has graphic birth videos, along with many suitable for those under 18. Topics range from day by day pregnancy to teen pregnancy to deformities and birth defects.

79. A Child Birth: If you can handle seeing a live birth, stop here for videos on natural and vaginal births. You can also get resources on pregnancy, natural baby care, and food.

80. New Mom Coach: New and expectant moms will get loads of information on making the transition from this informative online radio show. Topics include maintaining your sanity, natural childbirth, postpartum depression, and more.

81. Babyname’s TV: With over 70 videos, parents confused on naming their children are sure to find something useful. Playlists include About My Name, Baby Names on the Street, and Hollywood Baby Wrap.

82. Timely Topics in Childbirth: Celesta is a midwife from San Diego who podcasts on alternative women’s health through midwifery. A popular episode weighed home births versus hospital births.

83. Pritty Kat: This podcast is developed with the African-American family in mind, but anyone who wants to raise happy, healthy children will enjoy it. It includes graphic language, but often tackles topics that are rarely discussed.

Best Blogs for Famous Expectant Mothers

Visit here to get the latest on your favorite celebrity’s children or just to get a ton of interesting names.

84. Celebrity Baby Scoop: Get news, photos, and style trends of celebrity babies on a regular basis here. You can also post pictures of your own kids, talk about your pregnancy, or get help with conception.

85. FAMEbaby: This blog offers all the bark of celebrity parenting gossip without the bite. Part of the BabyCenter, you can also get calendars, baby names, and answers to common questions.

86. Babyrazzi: This celebrity baby blog and pregnancy news center has been featured on MSNBC. Choose by most popular celebrity or simply read the latest headline.

87. Celebrity Baby Blog: In addition to the blog, you can also get a shopping guide, along with tips for fashion. With several stories a day, make time for this blog.

88. Stella Maternity: Stella lives in Georgia and closely follows the trends and styles of celebrity babies. She also gives tips on products she likes and doesn’t like.

89. Celebrity Baby Names Blog: Need an unusual name for your child or a laugh? Then visit this blog for the latest trends in baby names.

Even More Top Resources for Expectant Moms

Check out the below for the best in product reviews, name choices, photography tips, and much more.

90. Top Mom’s News: Get loads of news directed at moms compiled from blogs and sites from across the globe. You can also get similar results for dads, parenting, fashion, and beauty.

91. BabyCenter: This site has tons of information on everything from pregnancy to older children. You can also get a pregnancy week by week newsletter, ovulation calendar, or join a birth club.

92. National Advocates for Pregnant Women: This group strives to help women through every kind of pregnancy. You can also learn more about their programs, publications, or events.

93. Safe Mama: This site is ideal for those who don’t know the first thing about baby proofing or are looking to improve on what they do know. Get information on product recalls, new items, a glossary, shop, and much more.

94. Baby Cheapskate: Want the best for your kids without spending a lot of money? Then visit here for sales, coupons, reviews, and more for the wallet minded.

95. My Baby Photos: Start taking expert pictures on day one of your child’s birth with this easy to use and free guide to baby photography and scrapbooking. In addition to the useful tips, you can even enter your baby in a photo contest.

96. Baby Names: Get hundreds of names for babies, from boys to girls to most popular. You can also get games, enter a contest, or use the random re-namer.

97. Sports Management Degrees: This covers how to stay in shape during your pregnancy and after with interesting articles on alternative exercises.

98. Online Birth Class: Sign up for this free class taught by Robin Weiss, LCCE. You will get six free lessons on the basics of pregnancy, postpartum depression, and more.

99. The Motherloot: Not sure what to buy or how much to pay? Then visit here for loads of reviews on everything for babies and their mothers.

100. Famous People When Young: Wonder if your child is going to grow up to be famous? Then check out these pictures of celebrities when they were kids to compare.

Soon to be moms and dads can save hours of sifting through internet sites and blogs by visiting these top pregnancy and parenting blogs. Be sure to remember that any medical advice given on these blogs should be spoken about with your doctor and that every family is different.