50 Best Blogs for Biotech Students

Science and technology have almost always worked in tandem to accomplish their common goals. Whether medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, genetic, or any other number of different applications, the two disciplines can feed off of one another for the betterment of mankind. Biotechnology, no matter a student’s particular area of interest, exists at one of the many crossroads where technology and science synthesize in the interest of progress. The following blogs keep fledgling and seasoned biotechnologists alike well-informed about the nuances and movements within their rich, diverse community of seemingly limitless potential.

1. Biotech Blog : Yali Friedman, managing editor of the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology, weighs in on all the news and trends relating to the “commercial, legal, political, and scientific” facets of biotechnology.

2. The California Biotech Law Blog : Even biotechnologists working outside of California can benefit from the research they provide on all the legal issues and protocols involved in creating drugs and other medical services.

3. Terry Etherton Blog on Biotechnology : Distinguished Penn State Professor Terry Etherton writes extensively about biotechnology’s diverse relationships with the food and agricultural sciences.

4. The Biotech Ethics Blog : Unsurprisingly, many of the research and practices involved in the biotech industry carries with it a fair share of controversies. Chris MacDonald analyses the myriad ethical issues that crop up in a broad variety of subjects relating to the field.

5. The Council for Biotechnology Information : This comprehensive blog and website posts frequently on a very broad range of subjects that feed into biotechnology, thought it focuses quite a bit on sustainability and agricultural development issues.

6. Canadian BioTechnologist2.0 : Canadian BioTechnologist2.0 seeks to promote and build the biotech and pharmaceutical industry in Canada, discussing the latest international news and national job openings in addition to providing webinars on guidelines and quality checks.

7. I Am Biotech : An open, community-centric blog, I Am Biotech opens up readers to all the possibilities that the industry and its peoples have to offer – allowing them to formulate and discuss their own opinions on the various matters that crop up along the way.

8. BioLaw: Law and the Life Sciences : Read about the delicate intersections between law and how it governs biotechnology and many other medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural sciences.

9. Pharma Marketing Blog : This informative blog for anyone working with pharmaceuticals offers up an insider’s glimpse into the industry, with news, reviews, and discussions of any issues and upcoming conferences.

10. What Can Biotech Do For You : Accessible to anyone inside and outside the biotech industry, What Can Biotech Do For You shows how these sciences can contribute to medicine, alternative fuel, and food production. They even discuss career opportunities for interested parties.

11. BioHealth Investor : The biotech and medical industries sometimes provide lucrative investment opportunities, and this valuable blog takes a peek at what they have to offer from a business perspective.

12. The IN VIVO Blog : IN VIVO posts almost daily on all the research, issues, news, developments, and other facets of the biopharmaceutical discipline – with a few interesting diversions as well.

13. Biofuels & Climate Change : Regardless of one’s beliefs in environmental and climate change concerns, it pays to stay abreast of the issues at hand as they immediately relate to biotechnology.

14. Get the Facts from Farmer Gene : A venture by the Biotechnology Industry Organization, this blog revolves around agricultural issues, including sustainability, genetic modification, and other syntheses of technology and the life sciences.

15. Drugwonks : The Center for Medicine in the Public Interest takes some hardline political stances when it comes to public policy that affects the biotech industry, so be sure to research all sides when wanting to look at the big picture.

16. Patently BIOtech : Read the most up-to-date information possible regarding the intersections between biotechnology, medicine, pharmacology, agriculture, and the policies and laws that dictate their machinations.

17. Med 2.0 : This lighthearted blog discusses technology and social media trends that affect science, medicine, and pharmacology in a way that is accessible to a broad readership.

18. Patent Docs : Follow biotechnology and pharmacology news, views, and information on the laws and policy changes that have some sort of effect on the two closely related fields.

19. R&D Directions Insider : PharmaLive hosts 3 different blogs relevant to the medical aspect of biotechnology, and this one posts about the processes behind creating drugs and the people and institutions behind them.

20. Genome Alberta | Blogs : Really 5 different blogs in 1, the Genome Alberta writers dive into the different elements of biotechnology, including public relations, genetic engineering, conference discussions, and even mass media – and much more!

21. Eye on FDA : Biotechnologists responsible for working with pharmaceuticals ought to keep track of the policies and trends that dictate what they do and how they need to go about doing it.

22. Patent Baristas : Stephen Albainy-Jenei pulls from his background as a patent attorney for the biotechnology, pharmacology, and chemistry fields to help provide comprehensive information on the legalities associated with them.

23. Theresa’s Biotech/Biomedical Blog : About.com’s official portal to biotechnology and biomedicine takes a general look at multiple areas of both fields.

24. The Daily Scan : GenomeWeb hosts 3 different blogs on genetics and biotechnology, and The Daily Scan offers up some of the best articles, news, and posts discovered around the web.

25. Golden Horseshoe Biosciences Network Blog : This informative, accessible blog looks into how biotechnology, economics, and business influence and are, in turn, also influenced by one another.

26. ECI Biotech Blog : Biotech students in search of the ever-elusive job opportunities will appreciate the tips on how to launch their careers and listings of open positions in the pharmaceutical sector.

27. Biotech Stocks Blog : Get a great education in the occasionally overlooked business and investment aspect of biotechnology corporations and facilities with this in-depth, comprehensive blog.

28. The Big Red Biotech Blog : This relative newcomer to the biotechnology blogging community emphasizes trends and commentary regarding biomanufacturing and development issues.

29. Frederick County Biotech Community : One does not have to participate in this Maryland-based group to appreciate the extremely useful information they heavily pack onto their site.

30. Pharmalot : Any biotechnologist working to develop drugs for human consumption should familiarize themselves with the news and views regarding developments in their area of emphasis.

31. Informatics Iron : Learn (almost everything there is to know about how to apply the latest trends and advances computer technology to biology, agriculture, and other sciences with one of GenomeWeb’s popular blogs.

32. The Cross-Border Biotech Blog : Canadian and American scientists, lawyers, and businesspeople weigh in on the differences and similarities between the field of biotechnology as it exists and is practiced and regulated in each respective nation.

33. Silobreaker : Silobreaker covers a wide variety of topics, but its specialized blog dedicated to biotechnology tends to emphasize the pharmaceutical side of things.

34. Medical Devices, Biotechnology, Bioengineering and the Like : The title of the blog says it all – posts revolve around the aforementioned subjects from both a technical and a legal perspective.

35. Professor Douglas Kell’s Blog : Dr. Douglas Kell serves as the Chief Executive of the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council. Probably he knows a few things about these subjects.

36. SLA Biomedical & Life Sciences Division Blog : Catering towards librarians in the biomedical and life science field, the information posted here offers informative benefits for any biotechnologist.

37. The Sample : Another GenomeWeb project, The Sample revolves around discussions of the tools that molecular biologists use every day in their clinical research labs.

38. MedAd News Insider : As both the blog companion to MedAd News magazine and a PharmaLive venture, this resource offers perspectives on the business aspects of biotechnology and healthcare.

39. Compliance Zen : Biotech researchers – most especially those who must work within FDA guidelines in order to create effective medications – would do well to keep track of all the news and policy changes that impact their work.

40. Comprendia : Comprendia serves as a consulting firm for biotech companies, and their blog takes a look at business and marketing trends that will help them find the best possible routes towards promotion and profit.

41. Holman’s Biotech IP Blog : University of Missouri-Kansas City law professor Chris Holman writes extensively about the issues and news that lay at the crossroads between intellectual property law and the biotech industry.

42. Crop Biotech Update : Updated weekly, subscribers to this RSS feed receive updates and a comprehensive glimpse at articles regarding agricultural biotechnology from all corners of the globe.

43. My Biotech Life : Biological engineer Ricardo Vidal blogs on a broad spectrum of relevant topics – mostly including bioinformatics, genetics, and molecular biology.

44. In the Pipeline : Dr. Derek Lowe reports on new discoveries, movements, and trends within the pharmacology field, delivering informed commentary pulling from his own experiences.

45. Pharma Blog Review : One of PharmaLive’s three blogs, Chris Truelove shares his research on healthcare, medicine, and pharmacology culled from other blogs on the subjects.

46. GMO Pundit aka David Tribe : Genetically modified foods comprise only a fraction of the diverse biotech fields, but it carries with it a hefty amount of controversy. Look into one professional’s perspective on some of the issues involved with this insightful blog.

47. Hooked: Ethics, Medicine, and Pharma : This blog acts as a corollary to Dr. Howard Brody’s book Hooked: Ethics, The Medical Profession, and the Pharmaceutical Industry discussing the political and ethical issues that arise within the healthcare element of biotechnology.

48. Hopes and Cures : Another blog owned and operated by the Biotechnology Industry Organization, this time they heavily emphasize the role their industry plays in keeping people, plants, and animals safe, healthy, and happy.

49. FasterCures : As its name implies, The Center for Accelerating Medical Solutions brings together healthcare professionals and biotechnologists to find the quickest, most efficient cures for debilitating diseases and conditions possible.

50. The Biotech Weblog : Pharmacology, news, microbiology, nanomedicine, stem cells, and many, many other facets of biotechnology round out this eclectic, informative blog.

Biotechnology makes for an excellent career path for anyone wanting to see how science and new technologies intertwine harmoniously to create newer and better products and procedures to keep humanity propelling ever forward. Reading these blogs and allowing their opinions and research to sink in helps broaden a student’s understanding of the field and keep them updated on all of the issues and news stories that will come to affect their future careers.